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Year : 2011 Director : John Lasseter Running Time : 106 min Genre :

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A secret message is received from a spy named Leland Turbo (Jason Isaacs), giving information about a secret location, and something even more sinister. The coordinates provided in Leland’s message are followed by Finn McMissile (Michael Caine), who charters a fishing boat to the coordinates. As they get close, a large armored carrier appears and demands the fishing boat turn around. As it does so, Finn sneaks aboard the carrier.
It takes him to an area rife with oil derricks. Finn ascends one of the derricks, and finds numerous lemons (aka small vehicles that often have engine trouble and need constant upkeep) milling about. He radios in to contact Leland, but is treated to two shocking sites: a tv camera in a special case with the logo World Grand Prix on the side, and Leland Turbo-having been killed by being crushed into a cube!